Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Taming Hair Frizz and Clinging Clothes

I was out last week and near water when my hair started to frizz up on me; then I remembered an old trick. I reached into my purse and pulled out a sample size bottle of skin lotion that I always carry. I dumped some on my hands, rubbed it somewhat into my skin and then ran my hands through my hair. It tames my frizzy hair everytime. Although it doesn't replace hair products designed for the dreaded hair frizz, it is a great hair tip when your are in a pinch.

Lotion is good if you are wearing something that wants to cling to your nylons too. Rub your nylons with lotion while they are still on you, and the cling goes away. I used this trick for 20+ years when I worked in an office and wore nylons and suits everyday.

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