Sunday, June 19, 2011

Eyebrow Stencils

Have you ever heard of eyebrow stencils? They are stencils in the shape of the "perfect" eyebrow. As a rule, one package of reusable eyebrow stencils contain a few different shapes. Adhesive-backed eyebrow stencils seem to be the stencil of choice.

How to use eyebrow stencils -
  1. When laying out an eyebrow stencil, first begin by matching the arch of the stencil to your own eyebrow arch.
  2. Using your darker eyebrow pencil, sketch in the thickest part of the eyebrow all the way to the arch.
  3. Upon reaching the arch, switch to a lighter eyebrow pencil (a pencil two shades lighter than your daker pencil) to finish the "tail".
Note: Some stencils have a line down the center part of the stencil. This is an arch line guide to tell you where your arch should be in the scheme of things.

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