Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fragrance Notes

Have you ever noticed that when you wear a fragrance, it smells different as time passes? There are three reasons for this and the reasons are known as fragrance notes.

There are three fragrance notes: The first is the "top note"; the second is called the "middle note"; and the third note is called the "base note".

The top-note is the first scent you smell when your fragrance is applied. The middle-note appears as the top-note disappears.

The third-note, also called the base, usually is not detectable for 30 minutes after the initial application. The third-note appears after the alcohol evaporates, and the fragrance has had time to mix with your skin's natural oils.

The next time you apply fragrance, try to smell the different scents that come along with each appearing note.

Your top-note could be citrus scent; the middle-note lavender or rose; and the third-note a wood or musky scent. While these are not always the scents you will smell, they are quite common.

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