Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pillow Talk - Choosing a New Pillow

Have you found yourself involved in pillow talk? I'm not talking about laying next to your best friend chatting the night away sharing secrets. I am talking about telling your pillow that it's time to go. Now that you are ready to part with your long-time worn-out friend what type of pillow should you consider?

  • For the lady who sleeps on her side, a firm fiber-filled pillow may be just the support you need.

  • For the lady who sleeps on her back or stomach, a plush down-filled pillow creates a perfect cradle for the head.

  • For the lady who sleeps on her side or back, a U-shaped foam pillow will cradle the neck and head while relieving stress and supporting the neck.

  • For the lady who sleeps on her side, but requires neck support and luxury, a firm down-filled pillow could be your next best friend.

Then there are the specialty pillows for acid reflux, aching backs, tummy support for pregnant mommies-to-be ... the list is endless.

So when you've had your pillow talk with your old trusted friend and it's time to say good-bye, think about how you sleep, and what type of pillow best suit your sleeping habits.


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