Sunday, March 28, 2010

Afternoon or Evening Quick Hair Perk Up for Limp Hair

thin hair

Try these hair tips if your limp hair needs an afternoon or evening quick hair perk up - without adding more hair products. Unless you are very careful with your morning application, your hair already has as much product in it as it can stand, and adding more could just make it turn gummy.

For a quick hair pick me up, wet your fingertips and work them through the top couple inches of your hair near the scalp. Flip your hair over and blow it out upside down, finishing with cool air.

If you are out in public (and not shy), you can do the same thing with the kind of hot-air hand dryer found in many rest rooms, or

Use a light application of hairspray on the top couple of inches of hair and hang your head upside down for a minute, until the hairspray has had time to dry.

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