Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Signs of Spoiled Cosmetics - Preservatives

This is the third part in the series of: Signs of Spoiled Cosmetics.

Cosmetic Preservatives
Most cosmetic products, including makeup and skin care products, contain preservatives. Preservatives are added at the time of manufacture for the purpose of killing unwanted bacteria and to extend the product's shelf life. However, some preservatives added by manufacturers are of such poor quality that they degrade quickly; or not enough is added to the product to be effective. In either case, the preservatives fail to adequately kill bacteria.

When we use spoiled cosmetics, our skin may react with a rash; or our face may seem to be more prone to break outs than before - yet we never put two and two together and uncover the real culprit - a spoiled product in our makeup bag.

While there is a cry from some consumers for more products that are natural and lack chemical preservatives; there continues to be a large portion of the population preferring preservatives and the protection they provide.

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