Saturday, January 9, 2010

Signs of Spoiled Cosmetics - Expiration Dates

Last year I wrote an article about spoiled cosmetics, but it's rather lengthy for a blog. Therefore, I've decided to put it out in segments for this blog.

The first in the series of six posts about Spoiled Cosmetics is about expiration dates. When I worked as an independent beauty consultant, I was baffled when I tried reading some expiration dates. I was given a page of code and then I had to break down that code to decipher the date. As a consumer, I don't have a page of code for all my cosmetics, so I have to be my own detective.

Expiration Dates
Cosmetics do expire, and expiration dates are sometimes, and I express, SOMETIMES, printed on the inside or outside packaging.

Other dates printed on products are manufacturer dates. This information is more for the manufacturer than it is for the consumer, but combined with an expiration guide, it can be a helpful tool.

Consumers are not always able to decipher the date if it is in code. For example, SF0934 could mean the product was manufactured in “S” San Fernando, CA and expires March 4, 2009. How do we know as consumers that this is an expiration date? We don’t, and won’t, until someone steps up and makes change happen. But in the meantime, you can set your own criteria for fresh cosmetics.

While these suggestions won't scientifically prove your cosmetics are spoiled; they can be useful tools. Remember, you are your own cosmetic detective.

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