Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Page of Makeup Tips for the Cheeks

One of the joys of makeup is creating illusions, and our makeup tips for the cheeks do just that. Here is a page of makeup tips for the cheeks that are simple to master, and give great results.

How to Color Coordinate Lipstick and Blush

If your favorite lipstick is brown or bronze, coordinate your lipstick and blush by wearing a brown or bronze undertone blush.

If you prefer light shades of pink lipstick, your overall appearance will be enhanced with light pink blush.

If you like pink, but you prefer rose lipstick more than lighter pink lipstick, wear darker shades of pink blush with rose undertones.

Many women love the look of coral or peach lipstick. If you are one, look for blush with undertones of coral, to match your coral lipstick, or peach to coordinate with your peach lipstick.

Some women prefer wearing red lipstick. If this is you, red lipstick fairs well with blush having undertones of either red or pink.

Black lipstick? Again, look at the undertones. Does it appear to be more reddish black or reddish brown? If the undertones appear red, then try a blush with red undertones. If your black lipstick has undertones of brown, then a brown blush should work well.

Simply put, lipstick and blush should always be coordinated, but to do this, you need to look at the undertones of your lipstick and then your blush. If they match, then your lipstick and blush colors coordinate. But, if they don't coordinate, you have a good reason to go girlie shopping with your best friend!

Highlighting Cheeks
Use two colors of blush to color and highlight the cheeks. Use the lighter color as a highlighter on your cheek bone just below the eye, but only at the corner where the sun would hit. Use two colors of blush to color and highlight the cheeks. Use the lighter color as a highlighter on your cheek bone just below the eye, but only at the corner where the sun would hit.

Highlighting Cheekbones
Have you ever wondered where to highlight the cheek bone? One method is to use your index finger as a guide...

1. First, lay the uppermost top line of the pinkie finger next to the end of the eye with your fingertip pointing inward.
2. Move the finger down to the upper part of your cheekbone just below the eye.
3. Where your finger rests is where you highlight. Use one short, light stroke to highlight the area.
4. To highlight the apples of the cheeks, dab a dot of highlighter on the center of the apples of your cheeks. Think of where the sun would hit and don't use much. Highlighter goes a long way!

Create the Illusion of Higher Cheekbones
One of the joys of applying makeup is creating illusions. To create the illusion of higher cheek bones, follow these simple steps:

Makeup Tools: Two colors of blush two shades apart, one highlighter, two cheek brushes , one small brush or sponge applicator.

1. Suck the cheeks in, and then sweep the hollows of the cheeks with your darker blush. Move the brush towards the hairline, ending just below the temple.
2. Now, apply the lighter shade of blush first to the apples of your cheeks, and then move your brush upwards towards your hairline to just below the temple.
3. Next, blend together the edges where the dark color meets the lighter color.
4. To finish, image where sunbeams would first touch your face, and then apply a few touches of highlighter to these areas.

Blush for Lips
Use blush on the lips before applying lip gloss for a longer lasting matte finish.

Recycle Unused Blush
Use small pieces of leftover blush to make one custom blush color for yourself. To do this, simply grind two or more colors of blush into one custom color of your liking. Store in a small covered container for future use.

Gel Blush
Many women have not tried blush in gel form, or have never heard of it. Gel blush is sheer, lightweight, easy to remove, long lasting, and blends in beautifully to the skin. Some gel blush may stain the fingers, so be sure to use your applicator.

Mineral Powder Blush
Mineral powder blush is also very sheer, and gives a warm glow to the cheeks. A tightly compacted, natural bristle makeup brush yields the best results.

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