Monday, December 14, 2009

Concealing a Scar with Makeup

The problem: You have a small scar on your face and you know concealing it with makeup foundation is difficult. You carefully put your foundation on the scar with the lightest touch so that it stays in one place; then you busy yourself with your eye makeup. You take one last look in the mirror at your pretty face and there it is again...the scar. The foundation has slid off it again!

The problem with scars is that the surface is smooth, and there are no pores for foundation to grab. But, as with most problems, there are solutions.
To cover a small scar with makeup, you first need to prep it, and then finish it.
  1. Apply a little moisturizer on the scar; while it is still wet, dust it with a thin layer of dry powder foundation, or transparent setting (finishing) powder.
  2. Very gently, apply a dab of concealer (yellow tinted concealer is best for covering red) over the scar. Blend the edges of the scar and allow the concealer to dry.
  3. Dust the scar, and the remainder of your face, with dry powder foundation.
  4. Finish with a light dusting of transparent finishing powder.
If the scar is very large and bothers YOU, talk to a reputable plastic surgeon about a medical tattoo to cover up the area.

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