Thursday, December 31, 2009

Are You in a Fashion Rut?

Fashion RutDo you feel like you are in a fashion rut? It's not hard to get there. A fashion rut is something that slowly creeps up on a woman. If you think you are in a fashion rut, consider the following:

Color: Look in your closet. What colors do you see in clothing? If you are like most women, you will see a large collection of one or two colors of clothing hanging in your closet. Get out of your comfort zone and consider all the lovely colors found on a color wheel.

If your comfort zone really is blue, think about jazzing things up with purple or violet. If you like beige, add some yellow, gold, or go rich with deep brown and silver for example.

Are you in a blue jeans rut?
Blue jeans...most of us love our jeans, it's the American way, but try not wearing them everyday. Get a pair of comfortable slacks (I especially like the comfort of Dockers) and try kicking around in them one day a week. If you can't move out of jeans, dress them up with a blouse with beautiful sleeves or an attractive neckline.

Women helping women...
I'm sure our readers would love to hear your ideas to help them work their way out of their fashion rut. If you have a fashion tip to share, start by clicking on "Comments" below this post. Thank you! DJ

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