Saturday, November 28, 2009

What Are Those Brown Spots On My Skin Called?

Those brown spots on your skin that you are calling age spots are most likely lentigines. They are flat, brown to black spots that usually start appearing on our hands, face, shoulders, and lower legs in our early forties.

Lentigines have been called age spots, brown spots, solar lentigo, sun spots, and liver spots.

Lentigines are often the result of fun-filled times in the sun decades ago when skin damage was the farthest thing from our minds.

Now, as parents and grandparents, it's important to teach our little ones that before they go out to play, there is a cream (sunscreen) that needs to cover the skin, the same way our clothes cover our body.

It's never too late to start protecting your skin from further damage. Make it a habit to put sunscreen on your skin everyday - even if you will only be outside ten minutes. Wearing sunscreen daily is the best defense in a bottle we can buy.

Warning: Do Not Self Diagnose! Skin cancer is a real and it does kill. If you notice anything unusual about your skin, even a brown spot, talk to your doctor. It could be skin cancer, or a sign of another disorder that requires medical attention.

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