Friday, November 13, 2009

Fifteen Tips for Weight Loss

Loosing weight is not easy. We've listed here 15 tips for weight loss. Use them all, or pick a few to help you lose your weight.

Don't let your metabolism fall.
Replace bad fats with healthy fats.
Remember that every little bit eaten does count.
Don't fear carbohydrates.
Fluctuate calories.
Increase protein.
Perform high intensity cardio.
Increase your frequency of eating, but to smaller portions.
Eat fiber-rich foods. They'll help fill you up.
Drink your daily recommended amount of water. This varies per person, their activities, and their health.
Prepare meals at home instead of eating out.
Eat before going shopping - any kind of shopping. Food's available everywhere.
Go to be early at night if you are tempted to snack.
Don't watch TV - too many food commercials.
In a store, try on a favorite outfit weekly that is the size you want to be. Don't hurt the clothing you are trying on!

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