Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas Tree Toenails

Sometimes we get into a rut painting our toenails the same color. Since it's the holidays, what better excuse than to paint simple Christmas trees on them!

  1. First start by painting all your toenails either black, red, or white (after your clear basecoat is dry). This is your background color for your tree. It's important that your background color is completely dry before proceeding to the next step.
  2. Next, paint a small tree on one or both of your large toenails using white, silver, gold, or green nail polish. Use a very thin brush such as an old liquid eyeliner brush or small paint brush. Most nail polish brushes are too thick to use for drawing such small detail.
  3. Decorate your trees with multi-colored tiny dots of nail polish to represent Christmas tree bulbs. Try using a toothpick instead of a brush to apply the dots.
  4. Top your tree with a simple star, or larger dot of color.
  5. After your nails are completely dry, put a few layers of clear topcoat to extend the life of your artistic work.
Happy Holidays!

Beauty Tip
Red nail polish has always been a favorite during the month of December.
Think of your nails as a clothing accessory. If your outfit is yellow, black, green or blue, red nails will add sparkle to your overall look.

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