Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beauty Needs for the Mature Woman

Mature Woman's Skin
Eyes, Neck and Hands - The most important beauty step at any age is a clean and moisturized body. Of utmost importance in our mature years are the eye, neck and hand areas.

Rolling back the years, or trying to anyway ...

  • Gently cleanse and moisturize your skin daily. Wash it as gently as you would wash a new born baby's cheek.
  • Don't use harsh soaps on the skin - they dry out the skin and your prize is more fine lines.
  • Think of your skin as a grape. When it is moist it plumps; when it is dry, it wrinkles.
  • Do exfoliate your skin a few times a week to remove dead skin cells. Dead skin cells resting on the top layer of the skin cause skin to appear dull and lifeless.

Mature Woman's Clothing
As women age, they soften (much better than saying mother nature makes us sag and we get pale). It is now time to move away from light pastel colors that wash out pale complexions and wiggle into crisp colors and sleek lines.

Ruffles and flowery prints bring back memories of grandma in the kitchen...and if you have read this far, you are probably trying to stay away from that image for a while. Your goal is to not look like a billboard for a flower shop or fabric store.

For crisp colors, pair navy blue or red tops with crisp white or blue pants; or try a soft grey wool top with black slacks or dark black jeans (stay away from faded jeans).

For sleek lines, try tops that button down on the right or left side of the chest instead of down the center.

Mature Woman's Bra
Get the right bra fit! As women age, they inevitably have bra problems. Take a day and visit a boutique that specializes in bras. Get measured and find out what bra style best flatters your body. A properly fitted bra can take years and pounds off the more mature body. Read our article Getting the Right Bra Fit on our website at
http://www.makeupandbeyond.com/ to learn more.

If the pretty ones that are your favorites don't fit anymore, toss them out! Get a new pretty one...and by the way, mature doesn't mean you have to wear granny panties. If you are 80 years old and always wondered how women could wear thong panties, get a pair for yourself - just make sure they are not too small and that that back strap is long and stretches.

Lace panties under lightweight, form hugging pants can make you look as if you have a butt load of cellulite...not such a sexy look. Smooth material or thongs work best when wearing tight, and/or lightweight pants.

Size matters: Don't buy panties that are size 6, if you have graduated to size 8. Really, who is going to look at the tag on your panties...besides, you can always cut it off if you are bothered by it - right? Right! Tight panties misshapes the body...you know what I'm talking about unless you are fortunate to have a perfect figure or no love handles. Ladies, this is not the attention we are after.

Weight and the Mature Woman
If you have survived menopause, chances are you have those few extra pounds...but I personally would prefer to hug a gramma or mother with a few extra pounds...there is something comforting about it.

Mature Woman's Makeup
This article wouldn't be complete without talking about the mature woman's makeup. Without going into too much about preparations, always start with a clean slate...Properly tweezed eyebrows, clean, moisturized and sunscreen protected face.

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