Saturday, February 14, 2009

Remove Skin Tags at Home

I've been reading about how to remove skin tags at home. One tip I read about that seems to be successful is to tie a piece of dental floss around the tag, ice it for 3-6 minutes - until it is numb, clip if off with either sharp, sterile eyebrow scissors, or toenail clippers. After removing the tag, (it may bleed a bit) press down on the area to stop the bleeding. Clean the area well with peroxide, dab on some healing ointment and your done. Frankly, it sounds a bit painful. I think I'll visit my doctor instead.

Another tip I read about is to use Compound W on the tag. Ladies report it takes about 4 days for the tags to fall off.

If anyone reading this blog has comments about these these skin tag removal tips, please write - we'd like to know if you've tried it, have another tip, or your funny story of tag removal bravery!

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