Monday, January 12, 2009

Pamper your feet with a pedicure

Pedicure Steps

Prep before soaking feet
Clip the nails with toenail clippers or nail nippers.
File the edges of ingrown toenails with an Ingrown Toenail file.
Smooth the rough edges of the nails with a stainless steel nail file, glass nail file, or emery board. A glass nail file provides the smoothest finish and is faster than a metal nail file or emery board.

Soaking and cleaning feet
Soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes. Adding a few drops of baby oil will help to soften the feet.
Clean under the toenails with a nail file while soaking feet. The water loosens dirt and grime under the nails.
Push the cuticles down to their proper position.
Wash feet with a foot exfoliator.
Use a pumice stone or foot rasp to slough away rough and dead skin cells around the heel of the foot and the large toe. If using a rasp, avoid pressing too hard or you may actually roughen the skin.
Rinse feet well and dry thoroughly.
Buff and Shine the nails with a nail buffer and shiner.
Rinse feet in clean water and dry well.

After Soaking and Cleaning
Apply foot lotion to both feet. Don’t forget to work the lotion between the toes and up past your ankles. Give your feet a good massage.
Rub cuticle oil onto the nail and cuticle. Trim away excess cuticle with a cuticle trimmer or nail scissors. Be extremely careful not to cut into the skin. If you don’t feel comfortable trimming your cuticles, don’t!

Polishing nails
Wipe lotion and cuticle oil from nails before polishing.
Insert a toe separator between the toes and apply a base coat of polish, followed by two coats of your favorite color of nail polish and then finish with a top coat of clear polish. (Be sure to allow each coat to dry before applying the next coat.)

Pamper your feet every two weeks with a pedicure and your feet will be soft and beautiful.

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