Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Got Acne? Slap on some soothing Snail Slime...

I can just hear it now…. “Here dear, Got Acne? Slap on some Escargo or Snail Slime on your face”....

I’m sure teenagers would love mom handing them a jar of snail slime for their acne. They may not use it on themselves; but instead use it to torture little Johnny for telling his best friend that her best friend said… (if you work with 6th graders you will understand the little Johnny comment).

Snail slime skin and facial products, found most often in natural skin care products, are created with a substance left behind by the Helix Aspersa Muller garden snail. Yes! It is escargo for the face! This trailing substance left behind (slime) is gathered and used in products as an antibiotic for skin infections, including acne.

If you have heard of or tried a product made with snail slime, let us know your thoughts.

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