Saturday, November 15, 2008

Face Mask Ingredient Chart

Have a little fun in the kitchen mixing up your own hydrating face mask for dry skin using a combination of one ingredient from each section. Choose ingredients that will make a paste for your natural face mask.

  1. Choose 1 ingredient from section 1, 2, 3 and 4 below.

  2. Mix your chosen ingredients together in a blender to smooth consistency, or seal them in a plastic zip bag and knead gently into a paste.

  3. Apply mask to the face, keeping it away from your eyes and lips.

  4. Let the face mask sit on your face 15 minutes before rinsing well.

NOTE: If you have allergies to any of the ingredients, please do not use those ingredients on your face. If your skin starts to itch, burn or have a negative reaction, rinse immediately. Even though many of these products are natural, you could still be allergic.

Section 1: Honey, Green Tea Liquid, Almonds, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin C.

Section 2: Banana, Oats, Avocado, Pumpkin Pulp, Green Grapes, Brown Sugar.

Section 3: Butter, Mayonnaise, Emu Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Milk. Yogurt, Dry Milk.

Section 4: Rosemary, Spearmint, Mint, Chamomile, Aloe Vera.

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