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Makeup for women with Grey Hair and Brown Eyes

Makeup Colors for women with Grey Hair and Brown Eyes

With your lightest color of eyeshadow, a light cream works well, apply the color over the entire lid, starting just below the brow, and bring the color down to just above the eyelash. This is your highlight color and will open up the eyes.

With your mid-tone color, such as a light brown, apply the color along the crease of the eye and slightly upwards. If the skin of the eye is slightly droopy, or hooded, apply the mid-tone color from the outer part of the eye, and then bring the color two-thirds of the way inward. Allow the highlight color to be seen on the inner 1/3 portion of the eye. This helps to open up the eye.

Using your darkest color of eyeshadow, (a darker brown or muted gold that is two shades darker than your mid-tone color works well) apply this color on the lid from the eyelash line and then blend the color up to the crease of the eye. Avoid applying over the highlight color on the inner-most corner of the eye.

If your eyes are droopy or hooded, only apply this color from the outer edge of the lid, inward to the center of the eye, or pupil area.

Mascara - Select a brown or navy blue mascara. Black can be too harsh looking on more mature eyes.

Eyeliner - Again select brown or navy blue to line the eyes. Black can be very harsh around the eyes. Browns will give a soft and feminine look to they eyes, and still define them. To make the eyes appear larger, avoid eyeliner on the lower lid and avoid a thick line above the upper lash.

Lipstick - As we age, lips become thinner and paler. Bring color back to the lips with a soft berry, apricot, peach or pink. Lip plumpers work well as do lip liners.

Lip Liner - Lip liners are wonderful! They not only line the lips, providing a more defined look, but they also keep lipstick from feathering into fine lines around the mouth. It is important when using lip liners to match as closely as possible the color of the liner to the color of the lipstick or lip gloss, or choose a neutral colored lip liner.

Blush - When selecting a blush (cheek color), use your lipstick as your guide. If your favorite lipstick is peach, choose a cheek color with peach undertones. If pink, choose a blush with pink undertones; berry or apricot, choose undertones of berry or apricot.

Makeup Foundation - What feels most comfortable on your skin is what will normally work best for you. However, keep in mind the three most important factors when wearing foundation are:

*Matching the foundation formula to your own skin type;
*Matching the color of your foundation to your skin tone;
*Don't overapply foundation. If you have areas where you need extra coverage, dab a small amount of concealer on your trouble spots before applying foundation.

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