Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Classic Make-up and Beauty Book Review

I have several beauty books that I just can't part with. One in particular facinates me everytime I open it. It's called Classic Make-up and Beauty Book by Mary Quant. Mary has been in the beauty business for several decades and has even been credited with creating the mini-skirt.

Although Classic Make-up and Beauty was first published in paperback in 1998, Mary Quant's book is timeless.

Her first chapter, A Gallery of Looks unfolds with pictures of models with differing looks from Ice Maiden, Nearly Natural, Autumn Glamour, Spring Bride and more.

Chapter 2, Understanding Your Skin, she discusses skin types, Analyzing your Color and Your Face Shape. She also has a section on Choosing Makeup Colors.

Chapter 3, she discusses Skin Care. It's an excellent chapter on skin care regimens from Cleansing, to moisturizing, firming facial massage, steam towel treatments and more.

Chapter 4, she leads you through her Makeup Lessons. It's beatifully written and packed full of pictures.

Her last chapter, Chapter 4 she discusses Body-Care programs including Sun Protection, Hand and Foot Care, Cellulite Treatment and more.

To me, picutures do say a thousand words, and you can count on several pictures to every page.

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