Thursday, August 7, 2008

Having problems with your Bra?

If you are having problems with your bra try these suggestions...

Straps cut into your shoulders: The band should carry most of the weight, not the straps. Try tightening the band and loosening the straps. If your breast are especially heavy, choose a bra with padded straps. Strapless bras are supported by the band, and strapped bras should be too.

Underwire poking your skin: Try a larger banded bra; your bra is probably too small. With a proper fitting band, the underwire should lay flat against your ribs. If underwires still bother you, choose a bra without the underwire.

Bulging breast: You need to increase the cup size. All of the breast should fit into the cup without bulging out the tops and sides. If your breast are large, try a pre-shaped cup, and bend forward when putting it on. If wearing a half-cupped bra, try on a full cup bra of the same brand, then try on the half cupped bra.

Peek-a-boo: When wearing sweaters or tight fitting blouses, wear a padded bra for a sleek look.

When shopping for a bra, try it on before buying. Size varies with designer.

The breast muscles are not strong enough to continually support the breast. Whether you have small or large breasts, wear a bra as often as possible to slow down gravity's force.

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