Friday, August 8, 2008

Breast Biopsy video, Stereotactic Localization Biopsy

I went in for my annual routine mammogram, thanks to a friend scolding me because I was past due by a few months. Her mother had past away because of breast cancer.

To my surprise, my mammogram came back suspicious. I was told I need a breast biopsy. I remained calm by running the words of the radiologist in my head..."It's probably not cancer". In my quiet moments, however, I thought about what may be ahead of me and I admit I was a little concerned.

I wanted to explain the biopsy procedure on this blog, but instead found a video to share with you that shows exactly what I went through. The extraction of all the calcium deposits was painless.

For those facing a breast biopsy who have never had one before, this video , Getting a Breast Biopsy by Dr. Kate Grossman, should help relieve some anxiety about the procedure. For a more detailed explanation, you can also read her article on Stereotactic localization biopsy.

My best to you...and by the way, no cancer was found and now I get a mammogram twice a year so the radiologist can keep a close watch.

For those suffering from cancer and it's treatments, I wish you health.

A personal note to my step-mother Bridget.  Thank you for facing breast cancer with your fierceness and for never giving up! 

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