Monday, August 25, 2008

Babies at 50? What happened to menopause?

Babies at 50? What happened to menopause?

For ladies in their 50's who enjoy the empty nest syndrome....beware!

You've missed your period. Yipee! Menopause! No more running out to the store and stalking up on "supplies" once a month. You puke at the thought of the cost.

It's time to change a few things though. Everytime you have a soda, you get that nasty heartburn. Gotta give them up or stock up on antacids. You wonder if there are chocolate antacids. What about pickled antacids?

You are not too fond of turning 50 - you are putting on weight AGAIN.

Two weeks pass......You are so tired... 12 hours sleep just ain't cutting it. You need more!

Three weeks pass..... You need to get to the doctor. This flu you have just goes on and on. You are tired of waking up just to throw up! The heartburn is terrible! You need more sleep!

Week four...... "Sure, Ms. Now-no-pause, see you at noon"......

Noon.....pee in the cup!

30 minutes after noon....I can't be, I wear reading glasses and dye my grey hairs! but....but...but...Doctor! I just can't be!!

Diagnosis: Denial and pregnancy! And so it all begins again...

Women are having babies much later in life. If you think you can't get pregnant, ask your doctor first. Babies are sweet until they want to eat.

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