Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why Use Translucent Powder Over Makeup Foundation?

Using a translucent powder over your liquid foundation will extend your foundation's wear-time, will eliminate the shine often associated with liquid foundations, and help maintain a fresh look throughout your day with a little powder touch up. They don't call lady's restrooms "powder rooms" for nothing!

Hint: Don't over-apply powder. Too much powder causes fine lines to appear more prominent. Also, use a powder brush, not a buff pad to help you avoid over-application.

To load your brush:

  1. Touch the flat head of your natural bristled brush lightly into the powder.

  2. Tap the excess from the brush.

  3. Draw the powder into the bristles by swirling the brush onto the empty lid of your powder container.

  4. Tap the tip of the handle onto a hard surface.
Begin applying the powder first to the outside edges of the face and move inward. Apply lightly, or not at all, around the eye area.

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