Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What's a Jimjilbang got to do with Beauty?

Imagine yourself entering a spa, stripping naked and hanging out with several other naked ladies of all shapes and sizes for the day - all in the name of beauty.

I read a lot, always on the hunt for new and exciting ideas to occupy my mind. While on a recent Southwest Airline Flight, I picked up the July issue of Spirit Magazine sitting in the seat's pocket in front of me. I thumbed through its pages until Lather, Wince, Repeat caught my eye. As I read the article, it was difficult for me to control my laughter, I was roaring inside thinking about what lengths we girls go to for beauty.

Here is a small snippet of the article by S.H. Rhee.
"Let me translate: The jimjilbang (pronounced JHIM-jill-bhang) is a sauna, spa, and public bath typically housed in an entertainment and dining complex you could easily mistake for a water park. Those frills, though, do not mask the central objective of the jimjilbang: sweating out toxins in saunas that resemble furnaces and getting your body scrubbed until you no longer possess a microbe of dead skin. As some observers note, it’s a human version of the car wash, a place where the term “gentle exfoliation” bears no meaning."

To read this entertaining article in its entirety, follow this link.. Lather, Wince, Repeat.


luv2tch said...

What an interesting article. I'm afraid I'd never get past the naked part!!

DJ said...

I agree with you on that one! Thanks for your comment!

pinkrenegade said...

I just love your blog. You have the most fascinating stuff, you could never find anywhere else!!

Keep the great stuff coming!

pinkrenegade said...

Come on luv2tch... just go some place far from home where nobody knows you, then, you will never see those people again. Let them have a free look!

DJ said...

Thanks pinkrenegade for your compliment! Always love to hear kind words! DJ

DJ said...

luv2tc - good to hear from you again! Keep stretching those wings!