Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Soften Dry Hands and Cracked Cuticles with Olive Oil

Dry hands and cracked cuticles hurt and hands to appear older than they really are. To combat dry hands and soften the cuticles, dip each finger into clean olive oil up to the cuticles and rub the oil into your skin and up the arms. Wipe the oil from the palms of your hands with a paper towel and allow the remaining oil to soak into your skin.

The ideal time for this treatment is before meal preparation. It is during meal preparation that hands are often washed repeatedly. This treatment will help protect the hands when it's needed the most and at the same time soften them too.

It is important to remember that oil is flammable, so DO NOT cook with oil on your hands.

Tip: For your hands, store a little clean olive oil in a small jar in your kitchen. Little one ounce jelly jars, widely available during the holidays, make ideal containers.

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