Friday, July 11, 2008

Keeping feet soft and sexy during the summer

Rough, tough and a little cracked can be the description of Aunt Bilabag, but shouldn't be the way you describe your feet.

One of the most common summer-time complaints is "my feet, especially my heels, are dry and cracked". If you normally wear socks and shoes, but toss them to the side during the summer and opt for the cute and sexy thongs (no, not the thong undergarments!), this could be your problem and if it is, try keeping your heels soft with your own foot spa treatment.

Treat yourself twice a week to a foot spa treatment. Here's how....

  1. Before going to bed in the evening, wash and soak your feet for 15 minutes with a good foot soak product. Try one with the scent of lavender. Lavender calms the body.

  2. Clip your toe nails and be sure to clean under them too!

  3. Use a pumice stone to gently buff away dry and rough areas of the heels and toes. Don't use the stone on the top of the foot - use it only on the bottom.

  4. Wash and rinse feet well with fresh water.

  5. Dry feet well, making sure you get in between the toes too.

  6. Slather petroleum jelly on your feet then slip them into a pair of clean socks. Retire to bed for the night. By morning, your feet should be softer.

Additional tips

  1. Apply foot lotion to your feet daily.

  2. Wear socks as often as possible.

  3. Be careful with foot scrapers. Too many of them actually make the feet rougher by tearing at the skin. A good pumice stone will not do this.


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luv2tch said...

You have just described my feet! I think I'll follow your advice tonight.