Friday, March 6, 2009

A Guide to Sunburning Times

Before going out into the sun, you have undoubtedly heard you should always wear sunscreen. But how long does it take before skin begins to actually burn?

Typically, if you have fair skin, your skin will begin to burn 10 minutes after sun exposure; normal skin will begin to burn within 20 minutes; and dark skin will begin to burn within 30 minutes. Of course these times are averages and only you can really determine the length of time before your skin begins to burn. The bottom line to all if this, is that you should wear sunscreen year round to help protect your skin from sun damage. You'll not necessarily notice the damage now, but you could in later years.

It is reported that sun damage to the skin can lead to several unfavorable conditions, including skin cancer, dark spots on the skin and wrinkles; so don't you agree that a little protection may turn out to be your best medicine?

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