Monday, July 21, 2008

Fish Bath Removes Dead Skin courtesy of Dr. Fish

I can just see the ad... "Watch for Dr. Fish coming to your nearest Walmart soon!" or "Dr. Fish available at your nearest PetsMart Store!" Soon the days of a foot bath in epson salt and warm water will be a thing of the past; replaced by 38 degree water and small fish called Garra rufa, nicknamed Dr. Fish.

Garra rufa live in small tubs or pools of water in international spas where they make their living eating dead skin from patrons feet, hands or their entire body, nibbling away at dead skin cells. It's the natural way to exfoliate the skin. The results - soft smooth feet and hands and a little tickle massage. I can't help but wonder what Peta has to say about this practice.

Ur....I think I will stick to my Satin Hands and Microdermabrasion that I purchase through Mary Kay. The thought of fish nibbling at my body gives me the willies.

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luv2tch said...

What an idea! This definitely makes me appreciate MicroDerm!

Herrien said...

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