Sunday, July 27, 2008

Excessive Perspiration

If you are a woman suffering from excessive perspiration, toss your delicate women's anti-perspirant and opt for a man's fragrance free anti-perspirant. The day will come again when you can go back to the frilly stuff.

If you are concerned that men's anti-perspirant will make you smell like a man, use it as an excuse to go shopping for a new favorite perfume!

Several years ago I had a problem with excessive perspiration. I asked my doctor for advice. He suggested Mitchum anti-perspirant. I'm back on the frilly stuff again, but Mitchum did do the trick for me at the time.

Note: If you suffer from underarm odor, it could be caused by a bacteria and no scrubbing in the world will take it away. Talk to your doctor. If you suffer from uncontrollable sweating, also talk to your doctor. You could be suffering from a disorder that requires medical attention.

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