Friday, May 23, 2008

Summer makeup

For warm summer days, give your skin a break from foundation. If you want a little color, use a tinted moisturizer instead. If you feel you need the coverage of a foundation, choose a dry mineral foundation. They hold up well in hot humid weather and your face will feel as if you're not wearing foundation at all.

Lighten up the eyes with less mascara. Instead of using two coats, use one.

Freshen the eyes using natural or nude eyeshadows. If you like more color, try one of the lovely shades of soft violet, green or rose.

Set aside your black eyeliner. Choose a delicate brown, olive or blue.

Summer is a time for brighter lipstick or lip gloss from what you wear in the winter months (brighter colors also can make your teeth look whiter);

Remember, the most important anti-aging products in your makeup bag are your sunscreen and moisturizer. The sun we all love is responsible for 90% of the outward signs of aging.

Last, but not least, clean your face at least once daily with a gentle face wash.

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pinkrenegade said...

These are some great tips that all beauty consultants can share with their clients. I am going to link this to my website so my customers read this too. Great stuff!!!!