Sunday, May 4, 2008

Puffy Eye Makeup Tips

Upper eyes that are puffy, whether naturally, from lack of sleep, allergies, or excessive crying require a special technique.

Avoid frosted and dark eyeshadow on the eye because they highlight the puffiness - just what you are trying to avoid.


  1. Use an eye primer to "fix" eyeshadow to the eye lid. This helps to decrease transfer of the eyeshadow to the lashes and eyeshadow wears longer.
  2. Use a light color, such as cream, on the eye lid.
  3. Use a subtle matte brown eyeshadow on the crease of the eye and upwards to just below the brow bone.
  4. Leave the area just below the brow naked.


Instead of using eyeliner over the entire upper eye lash root line, which can magnify eye puffiness, apply eyeliner only to the outer one-fifth of the root line or don't wear any. If your eyes are very puffy, you may look better without eyeliner.

Eye Lashes

Curl your lashes.

Try water-proof mascara on your lashes to avoid mascara transfering from your lashes to the puffy section of your eyes.

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