Sunday, May 4, 2008

Harsh Soap's Damaging Effects

Hold the Soap!
Using regular bath soap can be damaging to your beauty because of their harsh chemicals. They have a reputation of drying and irritating skin and possibly advancing the signs of aging.

What products should I use on my skin for cleansing?
For your eyes, try using a gentle, oil free eye makeup remover and cotton ball or makeup remover pad to remove eye makeup. A good eye makeup remover will eliminate the need to pull and tug at the thin delicate skin around your eyes and will save your eyelashes. It can also be used to clean the lips. Avoid all makeup removers with oils. They are themselves difficult to remove, clash with eye makeup, and have a tendency to work their way into the eyes.

For your face, try a gentle facial cleanser at least once daily. Choose a cleanser designed for your skin type.

To remove traces of facial cleansing products, cleanse your pores and freshen the skin, try a toner formulated for your skin type. If you suffer from sensitive skin or a skin condition, toners should be avoided as they could further irritate the skin.

For the rest of the body, use a gentle body wash formulated to remove environmental pollutants and grime.

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Home said...

Mary Kay's oil free makeup remover is the BOMB!!!! If you haven't tried this yet, you have too!!!