Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mapping your eyebrows for tweezing

Use a small ruler (I like a ruler because it is flat), or pencil for measuring, and an eyeliner pencil for marking. Begin with the right eye.

Hold the ruler along the outside edge of your nostril's opening in a north - south direction. Mark your brow with an eyeliner pencil on the left edge of the ruler. This is where you will begin tweezing.

Second, angle the ruler from the inner edge of your nostril's opening to the to the middle of your eye's iris. Make a line on your brow using the left side of the ruler as your guide. This is your arch area.

Finally, angle the ruler from the outside area of your nostril (the fleshy part of the nose) to the right side edge of your eye. Make a line. This is where the brow should end.

Repeat with the left eye.

Begin by removing the hair between your brows, then use your markings as your guide.

When tweezing, only pull a few hairs at a time, step back and look. Occasionally, hair will not grow back, so be careful and do not over-tweeze.

Mary Kay has a nice section under Tips and Trends for shaping and defining the brows. You can access them online.

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