Friday, April 25, 2008

Mascara Tips

* Apply your favorite mascara for fullness and/or length, then seal with a topcoat of waterproof mascara. Your mascara will stay in place longer.

* Don't pump your mascara when loading the brush. This only sends air into the tube, drying it out quicker.

* Replace mascara every 3 to 4 months. Mascara dries out over time, flakes and cradles bacteria in its dark and wet environment.

* To prevent mascara from smudging under the eye, dust under the eyes with a light coating of translucent powder. Natural oils and perspiration coming from the skin attract mascara, causing it to smudge.

* If you poke yourself in the eye with your brush (a rare person can only say they haven't done this!) pay extra attention to the eye for a few days for infection. If you do suspect an infection, immediately consult a physician.

* Never use another person's mascara. It's an avenue for infection. If you must, however, clean the brush first and dip it in alcohol to sterilize it the best you can. They could have an eye infection they are not yet aware of such as pink-eye...

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