Wednesday, April 23, 2008

$1 life saving tip

This life saving tip was mentioned to me by a school employee. It's a $1 lifesaving tip.

When going hiking, to the mall, or anywhere for that matter where your child can wander away from you, put a whistle around their neck. If they get lost, someone approaches them, or a situation arises where they feel threatened, teach them to blow their whistle. It could save their life. The same applies for you too!

Today, most people carry cell phones. When in an unfamiliar area, make a list of phone numbers to reference for help, such as park rangers, zoo security, mall security, etc.. Then if a situation does arise, you can act immediately. It's extremely important to keep calm - you can fall apart later! Its a happy day for all involved when you find your child safe and you only need to report that your loved one was found!

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