Sunday, February 5, 2012

Eyebrow Wigs

I was watching Betty White on TV and noticed her eyebrows were looking good for her age and they didn't appear drawn on with pencil.

This sparked my curiosity about eyebrow wigs - I wondered if there was such a thing; and sure enough there are.

After 5 years of writing beauty articles and running a website and blogs, how did I miss this one!

So seniors and those less fortunate to have eyebrows, search for "eyebrow wigs" online.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Heat or Ice for Pulled Muscle

Have you ever pulled a muscle and wondered what is best; is it heat or ice for a pulled muscle?

The next time you twist, pull or strain something, think twice about grabbing a heat pack.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, the best way to treat an acute injury (e.g., pulled muscles, sprains) in the first 48 to 72 hours is with ice.

An ice pack or frozen gel pack wrapped in a thin towel will help lessen the pain and reduce swelling associated with the injury.

Do not apply for more than 20 minutes and wait at least 20 minutes before applying it again!

Source: American College of Sports Medicine

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ladies – How to care for your moustache

Face it, men aren't clamoring for ladies with moustaches; and women aren’t rushing to the beauty store to buy a fake moustache, yet most women are growing one as you read this.

To keep your unwanted moustache at bay, have it waxed. Shaving it only seems to make the problem worse. It’s not that the hair really grows in faster; it’s just that when the hairs do begin to grow back the stubbles are dark and not very lady-like.

By having your moustache waxed, many women report that the hair grows back less and less over time.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Taming Hair Frizz and Clinging Clothes

I was out last week and near water when my hair started to frizz up on me; then I remembered an old trick. I reached into my purse and pulled out a sample size bottle of skin lotion that I always carry. I dumped some on my hands, rubbed it somewhat into my skin and then ran my hands through my hair. It tames my frizzy hair everytime. Although it doesn't replace hair products designed for the dreaded hair frizz, it is a great hair tip when your are in a pinch.

Lotion is good if you are wearing something that wants to cling to your nylons too. Rub your nylons with lotion while they are still on you, and the cling goes away. I used this trick for 20+ years when I worked in an office and wore nylons and suits everyday.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Eyebrow Stencils

Have you ever heard of eyebrow stencils? They are stencils in the shape of the "perfect" eyebrow. As a rule, one package of reusable eyebrow stencils contain a few different shapes. Adhesive-backed eyebrow stencils seem to be the stencil of choice.

How to use eyebrow stencils -
  1. When laying out an eyebrow stencil, first begin by matching the arch of the stencil to your own eyebrow arch.
  2. Using your darker eyebrow pencil, sketch in the thickest part of the eyebrow all the way to the arch.
  3. Upon reaching the arch, switch to a lighter eyebrow pencil (a pencil two shades lighter than your daker pencil) to finish the "tail".
Note: Some stencils have a line down the center part of the stencil. This is an arch line guide to tell you where your arch should be in the scheme of things.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Loosing Weight with Butter Boxes

It can be fun losing weight with butter boxes. Butter and margarine comes in one pound boxes. Before and as you diet, collect empty butter or margarine boxes from friends and family. As you diet, stack one on top of the other. Soon, you'll be amazed and motivated as you see the pounds you lose stack up.

This dieting tip is courtesy of Makeup and Beyond

Friday, May 20, 2011

Removing Dandriff with Epsom Salt

Removing dandruff with epsom saltIf you are troubled with a flaky scalp, try removing dandruff with Epsom salt.

Here's how:
With your hair still dry - take one or two tablespoons of epsom salt and massage it into your scalp. The salt helps to lift and loosen those ugly dead skin cells (dandruff flakes are dead skin cells).

After a thorough massage, wash your hair with your regular shampoo using a scalp brush. Before you start to rinse your hair, comb the bulk of the shampoo out of your hair. The combing action pushes the flakes that you have loosened with the epsom salt to the ends of your hair for easier washout. Now, rinse your hair well and condition as usual.

Best of Allure
This product won an award from Allure's 2010 Best of Beauty nominations.

Product Features: Kills 88% of bacteria and fungi that causes dandruff; Stops the itching, flaking and static; Ball-tipped bristles gently massage your scalp; Flexible cushion pad

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Video Makeup Tip - Under Eye Circles

Video Makeup Tip - Problem: Under eye circles ...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Video Makeup Tip - Face Shines

Video Makeup Tip:
Problem: Face begins to shine 2-3 hours after putting on foundation: How do I get and keep at matte finish?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shaping Eyebrows with Scissors

When shaping the top of your eyebrows with scissors; first brush the hairs of your eyebrows straight up (damping them first helps). Then, hold the eyebrow scissors with the curved blades facing down and carefully trim and shape the top of your eyebrows.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Diana Ross

Today I watched Diana Ross on Oprah and couldn't stop noticing those Diana Ross lips, style of dress, her hair, and her unique angel voice. She's as elegant today (maybe even more), as she was in the 70's when I couldn't get enough of her voice. She's a timeless entertainer!

Monday, February 21, 2011

5 Simple Fashion Tips

5 simple fashion tips anyone can use to beef up their style:

  1. Skinny belts help define the waist.
  2. Don’t shy away from prints. The cut of an outfit is more important than the print of an outfit.
  3. If you are self conscious about the size of your waist and feel more comfortable wearing longer shirts, blouses, and tees, then try to avoid tops that hang below the crotch area; otherwise your hips will look larger.
  4. A rounded hemline on a blouse will give the illusion of longer legs.
  5. Tops in textured prints, such as animal prints, are great choices for hiding body imperfections.
Online Beauty Guide - Makeup and Beyond
Organic, Natural, and Mineral Makeup - Mineral Powder Foundation and Makeup

Friday, January 14, 2011

Pencil Eyeliner Tip too Hard

Lately, I've noticed that my pencil eyeliner tip is too hard to glide on smoothly; but I understand also that as they age that they do harden. However, I found a quick solution for my problem. I ran the tip of my eyeliner pencil under hot water for about 30 seconds and the water softened the tip. The pencil eyeliner went on smoother than when it was new! Depending on how hot your water is will determine how long you need to keep the pencil under hot running water - but I feel this eyeliner tip is a keeper.

Mineral Makeup for Healthy Skin

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A 2010 Year End Note to My Readers

It's so hard to believe that 2010 is almost gone. Just a few days left. I've been blessed this year with health, happiness, and being loved by so many family and friends. A person cannot ask for more.

This year took me to eight different states. The most enjoyable part of my visits across this country were the people. Even though we were strangers, a bond still exist simply by being an American.

To all our service men, women, and their families - Thank you for all you do for my family and friends. We enjoy the freedom to be the people we want to be, and have the security of home. You are all doing a great job. Our prayer is that you are all back home soon, and safe in the arms of your families that miss and love you so very much.

To my readers. You are the reason I write this blog. Everyone has been so kind; I personally read every comment and they've all brightened my days because you took the time. For those readers whose Follow Us, your pictures on this blog are a reminder for me to keep writing.

I hope I haven't babbled too awefully much. I have a greatful heart as I write this year end note to all of you.

Best Wishes for you, your families, and friends in 2011.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stop Feeding the Crow's Feet

It's time to stop feeding the crows feet around your eyes. You know, those tiny little lines that seem to multiply faster than a crow can fly. Stop squinting by wearing sunglasses when it's sunny - no matter what the season - and start wearing glasses for seeing.

If you need glasses for reading, buy several pair and keep them everywhere. If I happen to be near a Dollar Store, I drop in and pick up a few pair from time to time. Many people have caught onto this little tip and my 1.25's are not always available.

A handful of inexpensive reading glasses also makes a great gift for anyone who wears reading glasses.

I keep a pair in every room of my home, in my garage, and in my entertainment center where I store my DVD's.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fragrance Notes

Have you ever noticed that when you wear a fragrance, it smells different as time passes? There are three reasons for this and the reasons are known as fragrance notes.

There are three fragrance notes: The first is the "top note"; the second is called the "middle note"; and the third note is called the "base note".

The top-note is the first scent you smell when your fragrance is applied. The middle-note appears as the top-note disappears.

The third-note, also called the base, usually is not detectable for 30 minutes after the initial application. The third-note appears after the alcohol evaporates, and the fragrance has had time to mix with your skin's natural oils.

The next time you apply fragrance, try to smell the different scents that come along with each appearing note.

Your top-note could be citrus scent; the middle-note lavender or rose; and the third-note a wood or musky scent. While these are not always the scents you will smell, they are quite common.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You Need a Clarifying Shampoo Now and Then

If you use shampoo, conditioners, hair spray, or for that matter any hair products, chances are you need a clarifying shampoo now and then.

When we use hair products, they build up on the hair, leaving it dull, unmanageable, and lifeless. Clarifying shampoos remove this buildup, leaving the hair shiny, soft, and healthier looking.

If you are unable to locate a clarifying shampoo in your supermarket, here's a mixture I use on my hair every three to four weeks:

To a plastic container I mix together 1/2 cup of my favorite shampoo and 1/2 cup baking soda. With this mixture, I wash my hair twice, rinsing well after each shampoo. I always finish the routine by conditioning my hair and rinsing well again.

When I feel products are building up on my hair again, I strip them off with a clarifying shampoo or I use this mixture.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How Sugar Causes Cavities

Tooth cavity
You have heard it all your life "sugar causes cavities." I am person who doesn't like blanket statements, I like to know why ... so how does sugar cause cavities?

Geha explains it so simply:

"Bacteria live in your mouth all the time. Some of that bacteria form a sticky substance called plaque on the surface of the teeth. When you eat sugar, the bacteria in the plaque turn the sugar into acids that can dissolve the hard enamel that covers your teeth. That's how cavities start. If you don't eat much sugar, the bacteria can't produce as much of the acid that eats away at the enamel. "

Subject source:

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Moving Away from Traditional Eyeglass Frame Colors

Eyeglass frames Have you thought lately about moving away from your traditional eyeglass frame colors? For women who would like a change from the standard black or brown eyeglass frame, we've come up with a few color suggestions to try.

For women with warm skin tones, these could be great choices for you: Peach, bright red, light tortoise, eggshell, khaki, and even copper or gold.

For cool skin tones, try eyeglass frames colors in slate-blue, eggplant, black, maroon, pink, dark tortoise, or olive.

Keep in mind that not all colors look good on all faces. Eyeglass frames can be boring, or they can make a statement about you. Try being bold by moving away from your traditional eyeglass frame colors and experiment with something new!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Indoor Tanning Increases Melanoma Risk by 75%

Skin cancer takes the lives of our young and our old, and the risk is not always from being outside in the sun. According the the American Academy of Dermatology, indoor tanning increases the risk of melanoma by 75%.
What is even more shocking is it is being reported that melanoma is the most common form of cancer for our children in the 25 - 29 age group; and the second most common form of cancer for our children in the 15 to 29 year age group. Something to think about.

Follow the link for more information about our young and melanoma. American Academy of Dermatology

Putting Good Food into the Body the Easy Way

If you are like me, you like putting good food into your body the easy way, however, sometimes we slip and forget what some of those good foods are and how to use them. So here is my list of some of the best foods for the body with reminders of how to use them. Of course if you have certain food allergies or medical conditions that restrict certain foods, don't add them to your diet.

Carrots - Good in salads, by themselves as a crunchy snack, or cooked as a dinner veggie.
Oatmeal - This is a great breakfast food. It fills you up and stays with you.
Citrus fruits - Oranges, lemons, grapefruit, limes ... Eat by themselves, in drinks, salads, sauces ...
Tomato - These can be eaten raw, in salads, on sandwiches, or in your favorite sauce or salsa.
Grapes - Can be eaten raw or in the form of juice. Eat in salads, sandwiches, or by themselves.
Kiwi fruit - Under all that "hair" is a yummy green fruit. If you haven't eaten one, you are missing out. Be sure to peel the skin off first. Eat whole or add them to a fruit salad. Great with bananas.
Garlic - Great on toast, in sauces, and cooked with meats or pasta.
Sweet potatoes - Not only for the holidays! They go great with most any meal. Bake and eat.
Peas - Make a pea salad, add to a garden salad, or simply heat some peas for a side-dish. Onions - Great sauteed or raw. Treat yourself to a sweet Walla Walla's or Vidalia onion when they are in season - yummy! Onions are so versatile you can eat them everyday in many ways.
Bran - Bran cereal, bran muffins (watch the sugar please) are great breakfast items.
Spinach - Some like it cooked, but I don't, but don't let that stop you. Eat it raw! It's great.
Fish - Salmon is high on the list of good fish to eat. Whatever fish you choose, skip the coating, and simply broil it with a touch of butter and lemon.
Blueberries - A powerhouse of anti-oxidants. For a yummy breakfast mix a small container of low-fat yogurt, fresh blueberries, and grape-nuts (not the flakes) together in a pretty cup.
Cabbage - Great raw in salads, stuffed and baked, or boiled.

Visit our website for women for more health tips at

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pillow Talk - Choosing a New Pillow

Have you found yourself involved in pillow talk? I'm not talking about laying next to your best friend chatting the night away sharing secrets. I am talking about telling your pillow that it's time to go. Now that you are ready to part with your long-time worn-out friend what type of pillow should you consider?

  • For the lady who sleeps on her side, a firm fiber-filled pillow may be just the support you need.

  • For the lady who sleeps on her back or stomach, a plush down-filled pillow creates a perfect cradle for the head.

  • For the lady who sleeps on her side or back, a U-shaped foam pillow will cradle the neck and head while relieving stress and supporting the neck.

  • For the lady who sleeps on her side, but requires neck support and luxury, a firm down-filled pillow could be your next best friend.

Then there are the specialty pillows for acid reflux, aching backs, tummy support for pregnant mommies-to-be ... the list is endless.

So when you've had your pillow talk with your old trusted friend and it's time to say good-bye, think about how you sleep, and what type of pillow best suit your sleeping habits.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Get a More Comfortable Fit with Bigger Sandals

Are you aware that you can get a more comfortable fit with bigger sandals? When shopping for sandals, try a sandal that is one-size up from your normal shoe size.

For example: If you wear a size 7 shoe, try a size 8 sandal. You'll find your heal doesn't slide off the edge; your toes fit more snuggly into the shoe; and the sandals stay on your feet much better.

I am a confessed sandaloholic - I can't resist them! I've had this addiction for years. When I discovered wearing sandals one-size up from my normal shoe size gave me a more comfortable fit my addiction worsened.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Increase Risk of Skin Cancer Around Eyelids Without Sunglasses

In addition to looking cool in your sunglasses, they should be worn to protect your eyes from the sun's UV (ultraviolet ) rays. Without protection, you increase your risk of skin cancer around your eyelids, and the slow development of cataracts.

So what type of sunglasses should you look for? You want sunglasses that block 99 - 100% of both UVA and UVB radiation; and sunglasses that wrap around and block UV rays from entering the sides of the eyes.

If the label on the sunglasses don't state UV protection, consider them merely a fashion accessory without sun protection.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Eyebrow Pencil Color for Grey Hair Women

Pink Lily

Is your hair grey and you don't know what eyebrow pencil color you should use? Don't feel alone, this is a common question. Here are a few beauty tips to help you with your decision:

  • We suggest using a soft taupe eyebrow pencil or soft taupe eyebrow powder on your eyebrows. Soft taupe looks more natural with grey hair.
  • Avoid colors with even the slightest hint of red; they will look unnatural.
  • When you apply your eyebrow color, use two shades. The darker color for the thicker part of the brow and a shade or two lighter for the thinner part of the brow.

If your color in (or on) your eyebrows too dark, it could make you look too harsh and unfriendly.

For more articles for women, visit our website Makeup and Beyond

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Naturally Tighten Droopy Permed Curls

If your permed curls are droopy, simply tighten them up naturally with lime juice. Here's how:

  • 1. Mix one teaspoon lime juice with one cup cold water.
  • 2. Comb mixture into hair, then shampoo as usual.
  • 3. Remove excess water from hair by patting, not rubbing.

    How does this work? The natural oil and citric acid from the lime juice tightens each strand of the hair.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Eyes Look Refreshed and Younger in 30 Seconds

As we age, the skin around our eyes seems to darken, making us look older, but you can make your eyes look refreshed and younger in thirty-seconds with this easy eye tip.

After washing all the makeup from your eyes with eye makeup remover, apply a thin layer of yellow-based concealer from the lash line to the brow. Be sure to cover the dark area at the tip of the eye that rests next to the nose. It is important to not over-apply too much concealer, but don't under-apply either.

After the concealer has dried, dust your face with mineral powder foundation, including covering over the concealer. Again, don't go too heavy on the eyes.

A dusting of brown eyeshadow to the outer half of the eyelid up to the crease and a very thin line of eyeliner (and of course don't forget the mascara) and your eyes are ready for the day. Toss in blush and a natural colored gloss or lipstick and people will be wondering what you've done to look so refreshed.

If you are in your 50's, I hope you are not still wearing as much makeup as you did when you were younger. Unfortunately, too much eye makeup can make a woman over 50 actually look older!

Be sure to visit our website at Makeup and Beyond for even more beauty tips.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Benefits of Yoga

Woman at a Door

Yoga is said to generate mental and physical well being, and for some, increased longevity. Yoga affects both the conscious as well as the subconscious mind if practiced religiously.

Each yoga pose has a specific benefit. Some yoga postures are practiced to increase the spiritual and mental well-being of the person more than they are the physical well-being.

Tips For Yoga
- Yoga is best practiced in the morning when the mind is at peace and energized.
- Yoga should be done in a quite and well ventilated area that is free from distraction, dust, pests, unpleasant odors, clutter, and moisture.
- Before your yoga session, empty your bowels and drink a glass of lukewarm water.
- Loose cotton clothing should be worn for easy movement.
- If you are a beginner, practice all the movements slowly and steadily.
- The more you practice yoga, the calmer you will be, and your movements will flow smoothly.
- Use a proper mat for sitting and laying down postures.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Break the Finger Nail Biting Habit

Finger nail biting is a hard habit to break. I know, I once had the habit. If you are a nail biter and spicy, hot and bitter products haven't worked for you, (they didn't for me) consider wearing gloves around the house, when you are driving and as often as possible.

Also always have a nail file handy to smooth away rough edges or broken nails that are a chewing temptation. Keep a nail file in your car, your purse, by your computer, at your desk...

Breaking the fingernail biting habit takes determination, but within a two to three weeks the habit should be broken and you'll be on your way to lovely hands.

For more beauty secrets, visit our website, Makeup and Beyond